Summaries and alerts from your employee Slack feed

Summary: HR and People teams are tasked with keeping a “pulse” on the company, and pride themselves in responsiveness. In this case study, we show how HR teams can use our text mining models to quickly see what trends and topics are being discussed across the company.

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Problem: HR teams want to monitor Slack channels for employee topics and trends

HR and People teams are tasked with keeping a “pulse” on the company – How are people feeling? What do employees think about our leadership decisions? What concerns are being expressed? But as our “new normal” involves employees working remotely and from home, how does HR make sure they’re listening to their workforce?

The digital workplace relies on technologies like Slack for productivity and communication. However, there are no tools that automatically track trends and topics that matter to your company. When employees are generating 100s if not 1000s messages a day, manually reviewing these feeds is not an option. At the same time, we know that severe survey fatigue among employees during COVID-19 is making it difficult to ask for formal feedback.

Solution: Our HR Slack bot provides alerts and a daily summary of Slack trends

Our HR Slack bot reviews conversations on your internal Slack channels. It seeks out conversations about HR topics that matter to your company and alerts you on specific topics that you wish to monitory closely.

Slack bot will search for... Slack bot will search for...
Alerts on specific or concerning content
  • Monitor comments about a company initiative: “I am so excited to hear that our new DEI campaign has been launched
  • Get alerts about sensitive content: “I am at the end of my rope. What do I do?”
Daily summary of key themes and related comments
  • Top themes detected include: leadership and management, mental health, DEI, compensation, etc.
  • Top comment related to Mental Health: “I’ll send the report by 8pm. My afternoon is stressful because the kids are taking virtual classes and my boss invited me to a 3hr workshop”


  • Address employee needs and concerns faster: Monitor and gather continuous insight into your workforce so that you can identify and address concerns before they get worse.
  • Automated HR insights each day: Reduce the time your HR team invests in analyzing data or start creating insights for the first time and report this back to executive leadership.


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