Product Overview

Tracking trends and new developments has never been easier. The Phase NLP platform enables you to easily track topics, notice changes, and get alerts when important issues arise in your feedback.

Discover insights and trending topics using our library of pre-built themes across your surveys, chats and feedback.

Immediately act upon feedback to keep your workforce healthy and safe.

Get real-time alerts

Alerts are customized so you receive notifications that help you monitor or detect changes in:
  • Themes
  • Keywords
  • Sentiment

For example, get alerts when sentiment gets very strong or when a new theme appears.

Dive deep into your analysis

Search through your feedback history ‐ exit surveys, performance reviews, and more.

Track trends over time and predict where they are going.

Tag relevant discussions for follow-up and sharing with leadership and strategy teams.

Import your data

Import data from a range of discussion, survey, and feedback sources.

We provide support for survey tools, Excel files, public channels on Slack and Yammer, and more.

No-code training tools

Our model training interface makes it possible to build new models in hours.

Our customer success team will help you build models for unique themes and scenarios at your company.


Ready to get started?

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