Text analytics to identify & track feedback trends

Generate actionable insights about your customers, sales prospects, and employees in minutes using AI
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Proactively analyze your data for dozens of business-critical themes by leveraging our pre-built models and avoid tedious model builds or training processes

Merge feedback across all your systems, including surveys, chats, transcripts, social media, news, CRM notes, and more

Customize models to meet your specific needs using our training interface and feedback tools

Meet our Models

Leverage our growing library of models to find insights on industry-specific topics and opportunities you never knew you had.

Our pre-built models are powered by Natural Language Processing (NLP). They are binary classifiers, trained to classify data based on a given theme.

We are continually adding models to our library and can also help you build custom models for your company.

We support analysis on...

Diversity, equity, & inclusion
DEI, race, gender, equality, inclusivity

Product feedback
Satisfaction, ease of use, form, function

Company brand
Reputation, customer experience, differentiation, connection

Pricing concerns
Savings, sales, cost

Action recommendations
Consumer suggestions, ideas, proposals, desired actions

Statements that are positive or negative in nature

Sensitive language
Offensive language, insults, derogatory language

...and dozens more models coming soon!

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